You asked for it! Many readers of the site requested printed copies of the books on the site, in order to avoid the reams of paper and cartridges of ink required to print the free downloads of the books and articles.

Jim Fowler's books are still available as FREE PDF download files, but are also available as paperback books via Amazon and Lulu. Go to BOOKS.

For over a decade now Jim Fowler has been collecting Bibles for an exhibit that shows “The History of the Christian Scriptures.” A new website has been developed to show featured items in this collection. View at

Some narrated slideshows of some of Jim Fowler's teaching are now available.

Some audios of messages shared on different subjects in different locations are now available.

"Do you not recognize

that Jesus Christ is in you?"

II Corinthians 13:5

Two Sides to Every Coin
A dialectic formatting of Christian thought using one hundred thirty charts.

The Triune God in Christian Thought and Experience
Contemporary Christianity needs a re-evaluation of its interpretation of the Trinity.

The Extent and Efficacy of the Life and Work of Jesus Christ
Study of the both/and dialectic of the objective-universal ALL and the subjective-particular NOT ALL.

Chicken Bones of Christian Thought
Eight basic areas of Christian thought that the natural mind tends to choke on.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions and answers from the Memorial Day conference in May, 2010.

Christ At Work In You
A look at the continuing function of the Risen Lord Jesus in the Christian believer.