James Outline Series

This is a series of seventeen (17) outlines that explore the meaning of the epistle of James verse-by-verse using interrogative questions. Such an interrogative Bible study can be used in Bible study groups to elicit discussion of this Biblical text.

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This series of interrogative studies have been made available as Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files.

James 1:1-4
James 1:5-8
James 1:9-11
James 1:12-15
James 1:16-18
James 1:19-21
James 1:22-27
James 2:1-13
James 2:14-26
James 3:1-12
James 3:13-18
James 4:1-10
James 4:11,12
James 4:13-17
James 5:1-6
James 5:7-12
James 5:13-20