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I. Some questions to be considered

     A. Was the blood of Jesus human or divine blood?
     B. Does the blood of Jesus have any spiritual or supernatural significance?
     C. Is the blood of          Jesus preserved beyond His death?
     D. Can the blood of Jesus be applied to people today?
     E. Is the blood of fallen mankind sinful blood?
     F. Does the Christian get a blood-transfusion of Jesus' blood?
     G. Will we be dipped in a vat of Jesus' blood in heaven?

II. Biblical usage of the word "blood."

     A. Greek word haima used approximately 95 times in New Testament.
     B. Approximately 35 of these usages refer to Jesus' blood and its significance.

III. Unbiblical conceptions of the blood of Christ.

     A. Those which regard the blood of Christ as less important than Scripture indicates:
          1. Blood concepts just carry-over from pagan religions.
          2. Blood is of mythical irrelevance.
          3. Blood of Christ leads to "gospel of gore," and "slaughter-house religion."
     B. Those which regard the blood of Christ as having more meaning than Scripture indicates:
          1. Physical blood is carrier of spiritual life. Lev. 17:11
          2. Blood of Jesus is sacred.
               a. Catholics
                  (1) Sacred heart of Jesus
                  (2) Transubstantiation
              b. Protestants
                  (1) Blood is carrier of sinfulness or sacredness
                  (2) Adam got blood-poisoning when he sinned.
                  (3) Natural blood is sinful blood.
                  (4) Jesus had divine blood-type.
                  (5) Every drop of Jesus' blood preserved in heaven.
                  (6) God has heavenly blood-bank of Jesus' blood.
                  (7) Christians get spiritual blood-transfusion.
                  (8) There is inherent power in blood of Jesus.
                  (9) When we "plead the blood" we get the power.

IV. Biblical significance of the blood of Jesus.

   A. Redemption.
        1. Acts 20:28 - "church of God purchased with His own blood"
        2. Eph. 1:7 - "we have redemption through His blood"
        3. I Pet. 1:9 - "redeemed...with precious blood"
        4. Rev. 5:9 - "purchased for God with His blood, men from every tribe"
   B. Propitiation.
        1. Rom. 3:25 - "God displayed Jesus as a propitiation in His blood"
   C. Cleansing.
        1. Heb. 9:14 - "blood of Christ...will cleanse your conscience"
        2. I John 1:7 - "blood of Jesus cleanses us from all sin"
        3. Rev. 7:14 - "washed their robes in the blood of the Lamb"
   D. Forgiveness.
        1. Eph. 1:7 - "redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses"
        2. Heb. 9:22 - "without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness"
        3. Rev. 1:5 - "released us from our sins by His blood"
   E. Access to God.
        1. Eph. 2:13 - "brought near to God by the blood of Christ"
        2. Heb. 10:19 - "confidence to enter Holy Place by blood of Jesus"
   F. Reconciliation.
        1. Col. 1:20 - "reconciled, made pace through the blood of the cross"
   G. Justification.
        1. Rom. 5:9 - "having been justified by his blood"
   H. Sanctification.
        1. Heb. 13:12 - "that He might sanctify the people through His blood"
   I. Conquest of evil.
        1. Rev. 12:11 - "overcame...because of the blood of the Lamb"
   J. Basis of new covenant.
        1. Heb. 13:20 - "through the blood of the eternal covenant"
   K. Lord's Supper
        1. Matt. 26:28 - "This is the new covenant in My blood"
        2. I Cor. 10:16 - "the cup of blessing...a sharing in the blood of Christ"



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