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I. Some Biblical references to healing

    A. Hebrew word rapha - "to heal"
         Lev. 13:18,37; 14:3 - "it has healed...the scale has healed"
         Deut. 28:27,35 - "the itch from which you cannot be healed"
         Ps. 41:4 - "Heal my soul, for I have sinned"
         Isa. 6:10 - "repent and be healed"
         Isa. 53:5 - "by His scourging we are healed"
    B. Greek word therapeuo - "to heal, cure, serve"
         Matt. 9:35 - "healing every kind of disease and sickness"
         Matt. 14:14 - "healed their sick"
         Luke 13:14 - "healed on the Sabbath"
    C. Greek word iaomai - "to heal"
         Luke 6:18 - "healed of their diseases"
         James 5:16 - "pray for one another, so that you may be healed"
         I Pet. 2:24 - "by His wounds you were healed"
    D. Greek word hygies - "whole, healthy"
         Luke 6:10 - "his hand was restored"
         John 5:4,9,11,14 - "made well"

II. The problem of sickness and evil

    A. Why is there sickness and disease in the world?
    B. Is sickness and disease just a result of natural causes?
    C. Is sickness and disease a result of man's sin?
         II Chron. 26:19 - "Uzziah enraged...leprosy broke out"
         Jn. 5:14 - "do not sin, so that nothing worse may befall you"
    D. Is sickness and disease therefore a divine punishment upon man?
         Jn. 9:2,3 - "who sinned? Neither this man nor his parents"
         Rev. 16:2 - "wrath of God...malignant sores"
    E. Is such punishment collective or individual?
    F. Does God use sickness and disease as means of developing patience?
    G. Is sickness and disease a result of the devil's evil and destructive work?
         Job 2:6 - "God to Job, "He is in your power..."
         Matt. 12:22-28 - "cast out Satan"
         Lk. 8:2 - "evil spirits and sicknesses"
         Lk. 13:11 - "a sickness caused by a spirit"
         II Cor. 12:7 - "a messenger of Satan"
    H. Is sickness and disease contrary to God's intent and will for man?
    I. Is sickness and disease in the body of a Christian a result of personal sin?
         II Cor. 11:30 - "for this reason many are weak and sick"

III. Healing and the Will of God

    A. Is sickness and disease ever within the will of God?
    B. Does God ever will that people are ill?
         Ex. 4:11 - "Who makes man dumb, deaf or blind? I, the Lord?"
         II Cor. 12:7 - "there was given to me a thorn in the flesh"
    C. Does God use illness for His own glory?
         Jn. 9:3 - "that the works of God may be displayed"
         Jn. 11:4 - "this sickness is for the glory of God"
    D. Does God intend for all sickness to be healed in Christians?
         Gal. 4:13-15 - Paul - "bodily illness"
         Phil. 2:25-30 - Epaphroditus was sick
         I Tim. 5:23 - "take a little wine for stomach"
         II Tim. 4:20 - Trophimus sick at Miletus

IV. Healing and the atonement

    A. Is physical healing inherent in the effects and benefits of the atonement?
         Matt. 8:17 -"He took our infirmities and carried away our diseases"
         Isa. 53:4,5 - "Took our griefs, carried our sorrows...By His scourgings we are healed."
    B. Does such teaching necessarily posit the immorality of physical bodies?
    C. Can it be said that the ultimate healing is physical death?
         Rev. 21:4 - "no more crying, pain or death"

V. Healing and faith

    A. Is God's healing predicated on the sick persons's faith?
         1. Instances where healing linked with faith
             Matt. 9:29 - "according to your faith"
             Mk. 5:34 - "your faith has made you well"
             Lk. 7:9 - "such great faith"
             Lk. 17:19 - "your faith has made you well"
         2. Instances where healing not linked with faith
             Lk. 13:11-13 - "you are freed from your sickness"
             Lk. 14:4 - "healed them and sent him away"
             Lk. 22:51 - "healed him"
    B. Uses and abuses of faith-healing
         Matt. 7:22 - "I never knew you"
         II Cor. 11:13 - "deceitful workers, disguising themselves"
         Rev. 13:11-14 - "beast performs great signs"
            Many fraudulent counterfeits of healing, as people of the world seek the supernatural
             and conclude that anything that appears supernatural must be of God.

VI. Healing as a spiritual gift

    A. Does God give to some Christians His divine power to be the vessels through whom
           He heals supernaturally?
         I Cor. 12:9 - "gifts of healing"
         I Cor. 12:28 - "gifts of healins"
         I Cor. 12:30 - "All do not have gifts of healings, do they?"
    B. Does this preempt natural medical healing? Ex. Christian Science
         Mk. 2:17 - "the sick have need of a physician"
         Lk. 10:34 - "bandaged his wounds, pouring oil andwine on them"
         I Tim. 5:23 - "take a little wine for your stomach"



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