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I. Biblical usage

    A. Singular reference
         Eph. 4:11 - "He gave some as pastors and teachers"
    B. Greek word poimen means "shepherd"
         1. Other usages
              Jn. 10:2,11,12,14,16 - "I am the good Shepherd"
              Heb. 13:20 - "the Great Shepherd of the sheep,...Jesus our Lord"
              I Pet. 2:25 - "the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls"
    C. First translated as "pastor" in Geneva Bible (1599), based on John Calvin's sharp distinction          between "pastor" poimen and "teacher" didaskalos.

II. What does it mean "to pastor" or to be a "pastor"?

    A. Is it...
         1. a spiritual gift?
         2. a leadership role?
         3. an ecclesiastical office?
         4. a vocational calling?
         5. a professional position?
         6. a personal relationship?
    B. Is there a difference between "pastor" and...
         1. priest?
         2. parson?
         3. minister?
         4. preacher?
         5. teacher?
         6. clergy?
         7. "reverend"?
    C. What is the relationship of a "pastor" to...
         1. elders - presbuteroi ? (Acts 20:17)
         2. overseers - episkopoi ? (Acts 20:28)

III. Changing ecclesiastical and cultural expectations of a "pastor"

    A. Pastoral activity. What is a pastor to do?
         1. administrator, facilitator, C.E.O.
         2. teacher, educator
         3. preacher, pulpiteer
         4. Biblical scholar, theologian
         5. counsellor, negotiator
         6. promoter, planner, programmer
         7. politician, diplomat
         8. communicator, orator, inspirational speaker
         9. entertainer, motivational speaker
        10. worship leader, liturgist
        11. evangelist
        12. moralist
        13. activist
        14. community leader
        15. social worker (transients, homeless, rescue mission)
        16. weddings, funerals, hospital visitation
    B. Pastoral authority?
         1. Does ordination confer authority?
         2. Should pastor be authority of local church?
         3. Does the pastor have any authority? cf. Matt. 23:8; 28:18; II Cor. 1:24; 11:20; I Pet. 5:13;               cf. I Thess.5:12,13; Heb. 13:17
         4.. Is the pastor an employee of the local church?
    C. Pastoral success?
         1. Competition - denominationally, locally
         2. Statistically, numerical success factors - 3 big Bs (buildings, budgets, baptisms)
    D. Pastoral self-concepts
         1. Who am I accountable to?
              a. denomination?
              b. elders?
              c. God?
         2. Passive dependency - controlled by others
              a. expectations
              b. placement
              c. compensation
              d. evaluation

IV. Pastoral responsibilities

    A. Lead, feed, but not breed.
    B. Equip the saints - Eph. 4:12
         1. Ministry of all believers
         2. Work himself out of a job
    C. Maturation of saints - Eph. 4:13-16; Col. 1:25-28
    D. Care for saints - Acts 20:28-32

V. Pastoral priorities

    A. Godly man - Matt. 6:33; Acts 6:4
    B. Family - I Tim. 3:4
    C. Ministry
         1. In accord with God's giftedness and direction
         2. Receptive to the function of the Shepherd (Jesus Christ) in him.



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