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I. Representative references to "pride"

    A. Hebrew words in Old Testament
         1. geah, gaavah - "proud, haughty"
              Prov. 8:13 - "pride, arrogance and the evil way"
              Prov. 29:23 - "a man's pride will bring him low"
         2. zed, zadon - "pride, presumption"
              Prov. 11:2 - "when pride comes, then comes dishonor"
              Prov. 13:10 - "through presumption comes nothing but strife"
    B. Greek words in New Testament
         1. hyperephania - "to appear above, high"
              Mk. 7:22 - "pride...proceeds from within and defiles a man"
              Rom. 1:30 - "insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil..."
              James 4:6 - "God is opposed to proud, but gives grace to humble"
              I Pet. 5:5 - "God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to humble"
         2. kauchema, kauchaomai - "to boast"
              Rom. 11:20 - "do not be conceited, but fear God"
              I Cor. 1:31 - "let him who boasts, boast in the Lord" (II Cor. 10:17)
              Gal. 6:14 - "should not boast, except in cross of our Lord..."
              Eph. 2:9 - "...that no one should boast"
        3. alazon, alazoneia - "to boast"
              Rom. 1:30 - "insolent, arrogant, boastful..."
              II Tim. 3:2 - "boastful, arrogant, revilers..."
              I Jn. 2:16 - "the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father..."
        4. doxa - "to glory"
              Jn. 5:44 - "glory from one another,... do not seek glory of God"

II. Defining "pride"

    A. Root meanings
         1. Heb. and Gk. word roots: "high, lifted up, rise, lofty, exalted"
         2. Pride involves self-exaltation, haughtiness, conceit, presumption
         3. "Thinking more highly of oneself than one ought" (Rom. 12:3)
    B. Pride and sinfulness
         1. Is pride the root or essence of all sin?
         2. Pride is self-orientation, contrary to character of God
         3. Every person has developed patterns of pride (S.E.L.F.)
    C. Positive and negative senses of "pride"
         1. Positive - high opinion of God and what He has done
              Rom. 15:17 -"reason for boasting in things of God"
              II Cor. 1:12 - "proud confidence...in the grace of God"
              II Cor. 10:17 - "boast in the Lord"
         2. Negative - high opinion of oneself; egocentricity
              Rom. 12:16 - "haughty in mind"
              Phil. 2:3,4 - "selfishness, empty conceit...personal interests"
    D. Direct and indirect "pride"
         1. Asserted pride
              a. Based on conceit
              b. self-commendation, self-exaltation
         2. Inverted pride
              a. Based on insecurities and perceived inadequacies
              b. self-condemnation, self-effacing; "poor me"

III. Various forms of "pride"

    A. Self-admiration - "Look at me!"
         1. Natural - my abilities, talents, assets
         2. Spiritual - my spiritual gifts, my ministry
    B. Self-aggrandizement - "Don't I look good/great?"
         1. Natural - my looks, my importance
         2. Spiritual - my position in the church
    C. Self-attention - "Listen to me!"
         1. Natural - my understanding and viewpoint
         2. Spiritual - my Biblical and theological knowledge
    D. Self-justification - "I am right!"
         1. Natural - my way is the right way
         2. Spiritual - our doctrine and polity is right
    E. Self-sufficiency - "I can do it!"
         1. Natural - my abilities, my leadership
         2. Spiritual - our programs will make it happen
    F. Self-aspiration - "Let me win!"
         1. Natural - competitive spirit; one-up-manship
         2. Spiritual - our statistics will prove us successful
    G. Self-seeking - "Give me mine!"
         1. Natural - my rights; what I deserve
         2. Spiritual - our political rights and physical edifice
    H. Self-exaltation - "Praise me!"
         1. Natural - my credit, glory, commendation
         2. Spiritual - our procedures and success

IV. Results of "pride"

    A. Contention - Prov. 13:10 - "through presumption comes strife" (Prov. 28:25)
    B. Dishonor - Prov. 11:2 - "when pride comes, then comes dishonor"
    C. Not right with God - Hab. 2:4 - "proud one, soul not right within him..."
    D. Denies God - Ps. 10:3,4 - "in haughtiness does not seek Him..."
    E. Fall, bring low
         Prov. 16:18 - "pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling" (Prov.              18:12)
         Prov. 29:23 - "a man's pride will bring him low"
         Isa. 2:11 - "the loftiness of man will be humbled" (Jere. 13:15-17)

V. Antithesis of "pride"

    A. Humility - recognizing and accepting our rightful place of subordination to and dependency          upon God
         Rom. 12:16 - "associate with the lowly"
         Phil. 2:3 - "with humility of mind let each regard one another as more important than himself.               Look out for interests of others."
         James 4:6 - "God gives grace to the humble. Submit therefore to God"
         I Pet. 5:5,6- "clothe yourself with humility, for God gives grace to the humble. Humble               yourselves under God."
    B. Boast in the Lord
         Jere. 9:23,24 - "let him who boasts boast that he knows Me"
         I Cor. 1:31 - "let him who boasts, boast in the Lord"
         II Cor. 10:17 - "he who boasts, let him boast in the Lord"



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